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As you probably already know, it’s very important to have a healthy diet during pregnancy, but did you know that having a healthy diet can help keep your body as well as your teeth healthy? Well, it’s true! Nutrition is very important for your smile during pregnancy, and our Matthew Jelinek team is happy to teach you all about the foods and drinks you should and should not consume during those nine months! We do so in the following five tips:

· Eat healthy foods throughout the day. Some foods we recommend eating are whole grains (like cereal, crackers, and bread), fruits, veggies, and dairy products.

· Do your best to limit your sugar intake. Try not to eat candy, cookies, and cake or drink sugary drinks on a regular basis.

· For snacking, choose to eat healthier foods, like cheese, yogurt, fruits, and vegetables.

· It’s very important to drink water throughout the day. If possible, drink fluoridated water. This will keep your teeth nice and strong. It’s also recommended to drink milk as much as possible and try to limit the juice, fruit-flavored drinks, and soft drinks.

· If you are extremely sick throughout your pregnancy and you have trouble eating, try having small, healthy meals and snacks throughout the day.

If you would like to know more about nutrition during pregnancy, Dr. Matthew Jelinek and our team are more than happy to help you! All you need to do is call 952.233.1020 and talk to one of our team members. We also encourage you to schedule an appointment with your dentist if you have any concerns. Your oral health is very important, especially during pregnancy, which is why we encourage you to see your dentist right away if you feel it is necessary.