Dental Care: Knowing the Fluoride Basics

What do you know about fluoride? That you can get a fluoride treatment every time you go in for a dental cleaning? Well, it’s true, but there’s so much more to learn! Fluoride is a mineral that is found in many natural resources, like food and tap water, but oftentimes eating and drinking these things… Read more »

The Dental Debate: Should You Brush Or Floss First?

Several dentists debate the merits of flossing before brushing and brushing before flossing. What are the benefits of both techniques and which is the correct one to use? Flossing First Can flossing before brushing be better for your dental health? Here are some of the benefits of flossing first: Dislodges food debris, making it easier… Read more »

Does What You Drink Affect Your Teeth?

It can be tempting to drink soda, cocktails, and sugary drinks. Unfortunately, consuming too many of these drinks can cause serious damage to your teeth. While it doesn’t hurt to enjoy the occasional soft drink or contribute to the lemonade stand down the street, it is important to moderate your sugar intake. The World Health… Read more »