A crown is a type of dental restoration that can be used to restore significantly damaged or decayed teeth. A dental crown is designed to entirely encase the affected tooth, improving its function, appearance, and health. Our skilled dentists may recommend a crown if the tooth cannot be effectively restored with a traditional dental filling or a dental inlay or onlay. In addition to restoring severely damaged and decayed teeth, dental crowns can improve your smile by:

  • Supporting a dental bridge
  • Strengthening a weakened or fractured tooth
  • Completing a dental implant
  • Enhancing the appearance of your smile
  • Protecting the tooth following root canal therapy
  • Improving the function and appearance of a misshapen tooth

Dental crowns in Shakopee, Minnesota are custom made to fit your smile perfectly. Dr. Jelinek and Dr. Silva will ensure that the crown is a comfortable, aesthetic dental restoration. Crowns are often created from porcelain to ensure that they match the shade of your natural teeth. We are pleased to utilize iTero® technology at Shakopee Dental, allowing our dentists to create digital impressions for a more precise fit. For more information on dental crowns and iTero technology, please call us today!