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Smoking or chewing tobacco can cause your teeth to develop deep stains that saturate the tooth enamel quickly. Over time, these unsightly stains can dampen your social life and cause you to feel embarrassed about your smile. The best way to cease tooth staining is to quit tobacco, but this is a difficult task for many patients. If you are interested in quickly concealing tobacco stains on the teeth, our dentist can help you determine if dental veneers will help.

Having dental veneers placed can reduce the appearance of tobacco stains. Matthew Jelinek offers custom-crafted dental veneers using a beautiful dental-grade porcelain that makes the veneers more resistant to dental stains than your original tooth enamel. With daily tooth brushing, you can prevent the presence of stains on your beautiful teeth.

During your consultation, you may need to receive a dental examination involving dental X-rays to assess whether each tooth is healthy and has sufficient tooth enamel to provide a foundation for the dental veneers. If a tooth isn’t healthy enough for veneers, a dental crown may be the ideal treatment.

The next step is to remove a fraction of tooth enamel before creating a detailed impression of your teeth to serve as a guide for the dental lab creating your porcelain dental veneers. Our dentist can cement your completed dental veneers in place at your second appointment.

Contact Matthew Jelinek at 952.233.1020 today if you are interested in treating tobacco stains with dental veneers in Shakopee, Minnesota. Our skilled dentists, Dr. Matthew Jelinek, Dr. Luis Silva, and Dr. Kassyni Yang are here to help you maintain your beautiful, healthy, smile!