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There are a few different reasons why your dentist may recommend sedation dentistry for you. The reason can greatly influence what level of sedation you choose.

Dental anxiety is a recognized psychological condition, where the patient is gripped by an undue fear of general dental procedures. This heightened stress level can often be eased by light sedation.

Certain dental procedures might take a long time or be associated with discomfort or anxiety. A procedure such as a wisdom tooth extraction might require the patient to hold their mouth open for a long period of time. This can exhaust the jaw muscles or require a bite block to be seated deep in the mouth. In cases like this a patient might need moderate sedation to put them into a light sleep that helps them relax.

There are some dental procedures and forms of oral surgery where the patient will be more comfortable if they are deeply sedated. This is more common for procedures like removing impacted wisdom teeth, or multiple tooth extractions before being fitted for dentures. Deep sedation is also called for in bone graft and dental implant procedures.

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