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What is the relationship between chewing gum and saliva? As many people have probably discovered in their early adolescence, chewing gum creates saliva, and not just a small amount but lots of it. Although it can seem quite unsettling at first, this can be extremely beneficial for your mouth.

The reason chewing gum can benefit your smile is because of the saliva production that occurs. Within saliva lies special properties that can neutralize harmful acids. It is these same harmful acids that seek to eat away at our tooth enamel and cause cavities. Saliva can also wash away bacteria and other ingredients in our mouth that tend to linger long after we have eaten our meals.

However, you should avoid using regular types of chewing gum to help clean your teeth, as they often include sugars. These sugars can increase your risk for tooth decay and gum disease, thus eliminating any positive benefits gained from an increase in saliva. Instead, choose an alternative form of chewing gum such as sugar-free versions.

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