Cosmetic Dentistry





Invisalign is a treatment that combines the very best of cosmetic and orthodontic dental practices to give patients a more attractive smile. The procedure is aimed at straightening crooked teeth to make them appear more aligned. However, it does not involve the bonding or any wires, bands or brackets to the teeth. This discreet dental straightening techniques makes use of custom fabricated plastic trays to exert pressure on teeth that may be out of place, to force them into new desired positions. The trays are completely transparent and are therefore undistinguishable when the patient is wearing them on the upper and lower arches. In this way, you can get the smile of your dreams without anyone noticing how and when it was done!

To get the best results from the treatment in the right time frame, it is important to wear the trays for at least 22 hours a day, removing them only when you wish to eat, or brush your teeth. They are changed every two weeks to accommodate dental movements. If you have a crooked smile that you wish to correct without conventional braces, drop by Shakopee Dental for your Invisalign consultation today!




Do you frequently find yourself covering your mouth when you smile, or simply shy away from smiling opening in social gatherings? Do you feel conscious about your pale smile and wish there was a way you could make it brighter, more attractive? You can rest your worries because our Teeth whitening treatments at Shakopee Dental can give your smile the makeover you’ve been waiting for.

Bleaching, or teeth whitening is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure aimed at removing stains and discoloration to reveal a whiter, brighter smile. It can be done at home with the help of DIY Whitening kits, or at the clinic using more concentrated bleaching gels – the results of the latter are always better and more pronounced. The procedure has a positive impact on the lives of most patients as it allows them to smile more confidently than ever before, and with the right measures, this smile can be maintained for months or years at a stretch. If you have been hiding behind a pale smile, then it is time to give it a boost – call us now to book you teeth whitening appointment at Shakopee Dental today!